Fierce is a premier voice & data infrastructure cabling company.  Whether copper (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e, Cat6a) or Fiber (Single Mode, Multimode), we’ve installed and terminated it for networks.  From small doctors offices to large commercial clients, we can accommodate your network needs….on time and on budget.  We at Fierce pride ourselves on engineering the best possible cabling infrastructure to meet the clients current and future needs.  Fierce can cable network, audio/video, thermal, and any other low voltage system necessary for your business.  All projects are tested for function and labeled for easy management.  Complex installations with both fiber and copper cables are certified for function and network reliability.

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Systems installation

As a vendor in the low voltage arena, Fierce can install an array of systems for home and office.  Not only can we cable for your network, our systems integrators can also design and install the proper network switches, firewall routers, PCs/Macs, Servers, Printers, Wifi Access Points, and other necessary accessories.  Aside from computer networks, Fierce excels in the design and installation of Access Control Systems from 1 door to 100 doors, Video Surveillance systems from 4 to 124 cameras (Residential and Commercial), Wireless Systems as stand-alone or a wireless mesh system and point-to-point connectivity.

Coming 1st quarter of 2018, Fierce will be offering Security Systems for both Residential and Commercial Clients and Managed Services for Corporate Clients looking to reduce cost and improve services on the computer network sector.

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Installation & maintenance

Do you have a product that you purchased and can’t install?  No worries, call us for  quote on installation of personally purchased systems. Not only can we install and maintain systems we provide, but we can also install and maintain systems that you or your company has purchased.

Typically, these items will include large LED/LCD TVs for use as videoconferencing monitors or just for plain viewing.  Audio systems for one room or several rooms (distributed audio).  Video systems for viewing on one TV or over several TVs (distributed video) like in a bar or restaurant.  Or, to simply add a wireless Access Point to an existing network.  No matter what type of system or stand alone product you need installed, let us know and most likely we an install it for you.

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The bottom line

Fierce Communications is a premier low voltage (under 90 Volts) network installation company.  We are installers of cabling infrastructure for various networks, as well as systems installers for voice/data, audio/video, access, wireless (including point-to-point radio), and many other types of low voltage equipment.  We have been in business for 18 years and have designed and installed almost all low voltage systems for residential and commercial applications.  Our ability to install systems comes from our combined experience of 25 years in the low voltage industry.  We are a family run business with a focus on hiring our military veterans.  Our technicians are never in the field without a seasoned veteran guiding them in every facet of the business.  By following an apprenticeship program, we insure our clients of a professionally installed project that not only looks clean, but works the very first time.


Fierce does not openly advertise in the most popular media venues.  In fact, if you found us, it was most likely by word of mouth referral.  Fierce clients refer us because they have seen our work product and can attest to our professionalism and ability to stay on budget and on time.  Our competitive advantage in this business has been our staff of technicians and the work ethic we strive to attain at every job, big or small.  Our number one goal is to bring value and satisfaction to the customer from the systems we install and maintain.  Again, the job is done right the first time.




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