Our Vision

Our Vision at Fierce is to provide our clients with the best systems and infrastructure, so that they can maintain their company’s efficiencies without worry of the systems that support staff and management.  Not only do we strive to provide the best products, but we couple this with the best practice in the installation of the infrastructure and design systems and networks for ease of maintenance.  Providing the best can also mean expensive and out of reach of budgets.  To assist our clients, we have two strategies to attain their system/network goals; 1) provide a project schedule in phases; and 2) provide alternatives for both infrastructure and equipment to meet budget and functional requirements


Our Story

Fierce Communications started as a one man show with its founder, Ed Salero, back in 1999.  Ed has been in the Telecommunications Industry since 1995, when he left the finance industry to go into communications, providing Long Distance services to both corporate and residential clients.  After 4 years of selling services, Ed focused his company on providing and installing telecommunications systems for the end client.  To provide additional services and expand his products/services offering, he added infrastructure cabling for both Voice and Data (Computer) Networks.  By early 2004, the advent of VoIP systems forced the company to evaluate the industry and its eventual road to a data network versus the traditional voice network.  From 2006, Fierce re-focused its efforts to provide not only Telecommunications Systems, but Telecommunications Systems that could take advantage of VoIP features and services.  In 2010, clients requested Video Surveillance/CCTV as part of their security systems and again, Fierce seamlessly added the Surveillance portion of the business.  In 2013, more clients requested for access control for 1-4 doors and another product/service offering was born.  Now, Fierce can offer Access Control solutions for 1 door to hundreds of doors.  Shortly, it will be 2018 and Fierce is poising itself to provide Security Systems and Managed Services to its ever expanding client list.  As systems and infrastructure needs grow for our clients, we look forward to providing them with best in class solutions for both products/equipment and services.


In 2008, Donny Avila joined Fierce to add his expertise in cabling infrastructure and communications systems.  Donny’s experience spans his time with the military (1995) as a Comm Specialist and with Local Exchange Companies/wireless carriers, customer premise equipment installation, cabling infrastructure in both copper and fiber, and systems integration.  Donny’s work ethic and expertise has proven to be invaluable to Fierce and its clients.  Donny serves as the Project Manager for all Fierce Clients and Projects. As our company grows, we look forward to Donny handling the West Coast operations as Fierce moves East to expand its geographical markets.


Chris Carlos has been a consultant to Fierce Communications since 2006.  Chris brings a wealth of computer expertise in systems, software, and networks in different industries.  Chris started, as most computer enthusiasts, fixing computers for friends and family in 2000.  Since then, he has worked for various companies in Manufacturing to Managed Service Providers.  As Fierce forges ahead in the MSP business, Chris will be the lead manager to assist current and future clients in their network needs and requirements.  Chris will join the Team in early 2018!  Welcome aboard Chris.






As part of our Corporate Culture, we at Fierce focus on hiring our retired men and women of the military.  Through the years of utilizing contractors from differing backgrounds, we have found veterans to be solid individuals with excellent work ethics.  We at Fierce salute our military personnel, currently serving and those retired, for their service.  Please visit our site often, as we will be posting job openings in the near future.


Meet the Team


Ed Salero

Founder & Director of Marketing

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donny avila

Project Manager, VP

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Chris carlos

Network Specialist, Assoc. VP

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Next Steps…

For more information about Fierce Communications and our Team, please call us directly at (747) 201-4952 or email us directly at Info@Fiercenetworks.com.

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